Auto Truck Group - Pool Vehicles
Total Vehicles Available: 1
   Pool Vehicles: CHEV - United States
Model: CK36403ZW9 3500 Regular Cab Cab-Chassis 4X4 DRW
Job#  F.O.# Unit# Year VIN        Trans. Eng. PEG GVW Axle C.A. W.B. Color Allocated** TPW    Build   Rec'd   Loc.*
589020 WJTKRN POOL 2019 AUTO 6.0G 1WT 13200 4.10 84 162 WHITE LTE

*ATI - Auto Truck - Chicago (Bartlett, IL) *FFW - Auto Truck - Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX)
*KC - Auto Truck - Kansas City (Kansas City, MO) *FWF - Auto Truck - Fort Wayne (Roanoke, IN)
*LTD - Auto Truck - Denver (Denver, CO) *LTE - Auto Truck - Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)
*LSV - Auto Truck - Louisville (Louisville, KY) *NJ - Auto Truck - Maple Shade (Maple Shade, NJ)
**Vehicles without a date in the Allocated Column have not been scheduled for production by the manufacturer